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About Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is a portal for Integrity related e-learning, videos and other certificated online courses. We deal with Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and with our unique video-based offering we aim for added impact and staff engagement across your organization.

If you’re a large global, regional or national financial institution looking to embed a culture of AML Compliance within your operations, then our AML channel - Antimoneylaunderingvideos.com – will definitely be of interest to you. Our AML and CFT content really brings money laundering and terrorist financing risks to life and, for a single low-cost annual fee, allows you to adopt an integrated approach covering a wide range of different sectors and products including Retail, Corporate & Institutional, Private Banking/Wealth Management, Correspondent Banking and Trade Finance, as well as general induction training and deep, detailed  specialist training for Compliance Officers and other risk professionals.

Likewise, if your global, regional or national business interests lie outside of financial services (or indeed within them), and you want to take your anti-corruption programme up to the next level, then you should definitely take a look at our Anti-Bribery channel – Antibriberyvideos.com. Again, our high impact approach allows you to go beyond general training and leverage engaging, story-based content across multiple sectors (Pharma, Energy, Extractive, Defence, Financial Services) covering specific risk areas in depth, such as facilitation payments, hospitality & entertainment, government officials, capacity development, charitable donations, the UKBA, FCPA and more.