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Lessons Learned is an Integrity and Compliance Training consultancy whose unique approach gets your staff thinking about risks, making better decisions and applying the lessons of the past, enabling you to move forward responsibly to meet your strategic goals.


We work with individuals, corporations, NGOs and the public sector to help promote integrity in business through training, awareness and communications.

We use face-to-face training, online videos and e-learning plus a range of innovative communication tools to help you implement genuine integrity standards throughout your business.

Delivering World-class face-to-face AML and CFT training

Delivering World-class face-to-face AML and CFT training

Operating internationally from our UK base, our

core specialisms include:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Counter-Terrorist Financing
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Fraud Awareness and Prevention
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Senior Management
  • Reputational Risk


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Lessons Learned News

Train the Trainer

1st - 3rd October 2019

Over three days, Tim Parkman, the Lessons Learned MD will be running an in-depth, participative learning programme for Compliance Executives who want to engage and inspire their management and staff.

The course will be held in prestigious Pall Mall, right in the heart of London, covering all aspects of how to deliver the most up-to-date compliance knowledge to enthuse and inform the entire team. Complete with access to a cutting edge resource pack which includes:
Examples of content combinations – full-day, half-day and two-hour workshops, plus short ‘hits’ for team meetings/lunchtime briefings,
outreach activities and preview ‘Premiere’ of a completed class audio-visual case study.
More about the AML Train the Trainer course



FT Mastering Series

Lessons Learned Managing Director Tim Parkman has just signed the contract with Pearson, to revise his best selling FT Mastering Series Book: Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing.

Since the first edition in 2012, there have been significant developments in the financial world that will all be captured in the new edition. Legal and regulatory developments such as:


  • The EU 4th, 5th and 6th AML Directives
  • Developments in the interface between AML/TF regulations and Data Protection/Data Privacy laws
  • The advent in some jurisdictions of so-called ‘Failing to Prevent’ offences, mandatory corporate and real property beneficial ownership registers and disclosure requirements
  • The expansion in tools for combating money laundering and corruption, such as Unexplained Wealth Orders (used in e.g. Ireland and Australia for a number of years but brand new for countries like the UK)
  • The AML implications of MFID II
  • The US Final Rule on Customer Due Diligence
  • The Latest developments and direction of travel in the battle against tax evasion through the OECD framework for the exchange of tax information and impactful national legislation such as US FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.)

    and many more.

    When you think about developments since 2012, you realize much the world has changed since then. On the terrorism and terrorist financing side, ISIS had yet to make its first grisly appearance in Iraq, and in Europe there had been no Bataclan, no Brussels airport, no Manchester Arena bombing.

    'Bitcoin' and 'Blockchain' as terms of use had barely penetrated public consciousness, and few people bar the FBI had heard of Silk Road and the 'dark web'. Yet now, crypto-currencies have gone almost mainstream, regulation is following (such as Gibraltar's licensing scheme for 'Distributed Ledger Technology Service Providers') and experts are talking seriously about whether or not fiat currencies may turn crypto and lead to the abolition of formal cash. What effects would that have on the way in which we run our AML and CFT regimes?

    We didn't have to explain to anyone what 'FinTech' was in 2012, but now we're witnessing a massive growth in start-ups of new companies providing brand new ways of raising funds, investing, buying things and paying people, all driven by new technologies and all of which have significant implications for the fight against financial crime.

    Seven years ago were AML Compliance departments doing 'dynamic risk assessments (automated, real-time updating of customer risk profiles based on trigger events)? Was anybody using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive CDD and customer on-boarding processes or to reduce the false-positive ratios in their automated suspicon reporting engines?

    So much has changed and developed. But one thing has remained frustratingly constant. Fines. Deutsche, Danske, ING, Rabobank, US Bancorp, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Barclays. Why are we still getting it wrong? What can we do differently? What, if any, lessons have we learned?

    All this will be dealt with in the revised version of the book, which will retain its intensely practical approach and chapter structure:

    Chapter 1 - Fundamental Concepts
    Chapter 2 -
    The International AML and CFT Framework
    Chapter 3 -
    The Role, Structure & Positioning of the AML/CFT Compliance Function
    Chapter 4 -
    Customer Due Diligence and the Risk Based Approach
    Chapter 5 -
    Reputational Risk
    Chapter 6 -
    Suspicion Recognition
    Chapter 7 -
    International Cooperation
    Chapter 8 -
    Case Studies for use in training

Core and Advanced AML and CFT Training:

MD Tim Parkman ran Core and Advanced Workshops for Compliance managers in Gibraltar on the 27th and 28th November 2018. He addressed key issues on ethics and culture, the economics of financial crime, laws and regulations, resistance to CDD.

Information about future courses


Lessons Learned assists European Investment Bank

We’re delighted that, following a competitive process, the European Investment Bank (the financing arm of the EU), have again engaged with us to deliver ongoing staff training programmes on identifying and reporting the “Red Flags” of fraud and corruption. We look forward to passing on our knowledge and experience to help them in their continuing fight to combat the major global issues of fraud, corruption, collusion, obstruction, coercion, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Lessons Learned Clients

What people say


“We called on Lessons Learned to help us with customer due diligence, an important issue that is fundamental to all financial organisations.  We were delighted with what we can only call an engaging programme, which not only educated our workforce, but actually gave us working knowledge about the issues. Using animation, video, games, and detailed case studies, what was covered will certainly help us enormously going forward.”

Sajeevani Wijayawardena

Training Manager - Banking Operations & Systems

Emirates NBD

“ The video had the desired effect, as in total attention throughout, the odd nervous laugh and, finally, stunned silence.”

Anti-Corruption Director

Global Pharmaceutical Company




‘We have found Lessons Learned’s videos to be extremely useful as a tool for raising awareness and engaging our staff ... excellent content, highly recommended.”

Chief MLRO International Bank

Lessons Learned Book

Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing will help companies and financial institutions put together an effective framework to ensure that they meet their legal obligations and will be of equal interest to auditors, regulators and others looking to improve the knowledge and capabilities of their own staff.

Mastering Anti-Money and Counter-Terrorist Financing is an introduction to tackling money laundering and terrorist financing.

It begins with the basics of what money laundering and terrorist financing are, how they occur and a description of the international standards applicable to fighting them. The book then progresses into a detailed examination of the policies, procedures, systems, controls and training programmes necessary for achieving compliance.


Best practice advice on how to comply with anti-money laundering regulations

Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing includes:

  • Information on how to put together an effective compliance framework to meet your legal obligations
  • Suspicion recognition and
    other guidance materials
  • Examples of policy documents
    and checklists
  • Advice on how to build and maintain
    a culture in which compliance
  • becomes part of your business model
  •  Access to discounted training videos at www.antimoneylaunderingvideos.com

ISBN: 9780273759034

Train the Trainer


Delivering World-class face-to-face AML and CFT training



Train the Trainer